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N16AT new

The new adventure is just beginning

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Vision Jet in Production

Our last adventure was a World Mission to buy a Cirrus SR22T, Propeller aircraft in USA and fly it home to Australia (without adding extra fuel tanks)

The next adventure is the Vision Jet....

About Us and how we got here

It all began about 2007, when we put down a deposit for a position on a private Jet.  That was not a Jet that was in production nor was there any photos or specs or anything that you could put your finger on and say, "That's what we are buying".  No, it was the new concept Jet for Cirrus and basically, we just purely had the belief and the confidence that Cirrus would one day deliver the Vision.   

We didn't have a date, no-one knew when it would be, but we did have hope. 

So, check out the photo of the plane in embryo - that is OUR BABY on the production line! Our dream has become a reality! 


Now you may say that was a little wild to invest in something without any concrete information but we have bought planes from Cirrus before and we know that if they say they will do something you can bet it will happen and probably bigger and better, than you thought. 


This our 4th Cirrus aircraft having had 3 propeller planes -  SR22, SR22 TN and SR22 Turbo....now the Vision Jet Generation 2. 

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