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As we travel there is a great deal of planning and negotiating taking place.  We do all of our own flight preparation and negotiations where possible, engaging professional flight support services when necessary and relying heavily on the help, guidance and advice of fellow pilots, contacts and friends all around the globe.

Here we are growing our list of who we used and where we stayed around the world.  Feel free to click on our link to find our list so far and reach out to us for further information.


Flight services and Handlers

With the exception of Tier One companies,  all flight support really specialise on certain areas of the world or certain missions. Mike Rose & G.A.S.E for example is mainly piston RTW from Egypt to Far east and probably today all the way to Europe. 

So far we used many Handlers and flight support based on need and geographical area...for example South America we got quotes for $14,000 ( the lowest) for flying in Chile alone...thanks to a friend Roberto providing local connections, it ended up being Greece we contacted the handlers directly and since we have AOPA card our fees were €20 per airport....

There are 3 levels of flight support:

Tier 1:
1. Universal they are the best and mostly used by Turbo prop & Jet owners. They are a league of their own. If you use them wisely they can be reasonably priced...but much more than Tier 2 & 3. I used them very little as up until 3 months ago they didn't have the SF50 in their system until Cirrus provided them with the technical details. They can also be used to lodge flight plans and fuel planning.

2. WFS - World Fuel Service almost as good as Universal....a bit cheaper and number one for Jet A. (The biggest fuel provider by far in the world)

Tier 2:
Less resources than Tier 1 but almost the same and far less fees, they normally specialise in cargo planes (so rough and tough but excellent) and can handle complex problems with the greatest ease in many ways they are even better than Tier one but they are used to dealing with professional airlines and cargo not individual pilots...much more resources than Tier three.

World Air Ops - was based in Canada and have offices all over the world. They have provided us with excellent complex and complete information about every question we was up to date and so far to a level we have never received. Was headed in in Egypt thus prices very competitive. Excellent web site. They provide Country and overfly permits, ground handling and fuel arrangements. 

IAB Group - very good for Russia and Middle East.

Tier 3:
Very personal but without the resources of the two levels above.

1. White Rose Aviation - Mike - for country and over flights permits provider and connect you with ground handling. Good Cheap but very basic. He is not a real "flight support" but has huge knowledge and has done great work for us. Still we always needed to contact the handlers and FBO ourselves...and get fuel ourselves.

2. G.A.S.E - specialise in General Aviation piston aircraft, has very good reputation for small GA flight and have assisted many RTW flights .. Based in Egypt. They are very well priced and their clients love them. We had communicated with them and may use them in the future.

** Please note Our views are ours expressed, use the list at your own risk, errors and omissions excepted, recommendations are based on our experience and rely on past experience/performance which is not a guarantee of future performance or other personal experience.

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