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Vision Jet in Georgia

TLV Israel to Batumi Georgia 
790nm - 3hr
Handler: QAS FBO TLV

The plane has been parked for a few months and it is absolutely filthy, except for where the cover protects the top and windows, that is fairly clean but it is a sorry sight to see her in such a state.  The logistics involved with having a wash was an impossible task not to mention the cost!  Read the story


Vision Jet in East Europe

Moldova - Albania - Romania -Bulgaria - Hungary - Slovakia - Seldom visited and certainly not a hot tourist spot from Western countries this Eastern block of countries are in our opinion the most surprising and up and coming future of Europe. What do we mean by up and coming... it appears to us and lets not forget that we write only on our experience, that the atmosphere in all of these Countries is a bright future.  Read the story..

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