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1. Knoxville to San Diego

9th November 2019 - Knoxville to San Diego After a few small problems with the Jet showing cast FEDAC messages......

2. Melbourne Florida KMLB to Belize

28th December 2019 - Its hard to believe we have been in the USA for nearly 3 months...

3. Panama City Panama

3rd January 2020

5. Pisco - Peru

17nd January 2020

6. Chile - Arica, Iquique

22nd January 2020

South America route

South America Trip.jpg

9. Patagonia Chile - Argentina

February and March 2020

View the video of flying over Torres Del Paine National Park Patagonia
VisionJetTravel on YouTube

10. Brazil to USA

March 2020 - read the story

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