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Quick links to read our stories or see a video of our flights

1. Knoxville to San Diego

9th November 2019 - Knoxville to San Diego After a few small problems with the Jet showing cast FEDAC messages......

2. Melbourne Florida KMLB to Belize

28th December 2019 - Its hard to believe we have been in the USA for nearly 3 months...

3. Panama City Panama

3rd January 2020

5. Pisco - Peru

17nd January 2020

6. Chile - Arica, Iquique

22nd January 2020

South America route

South America Trip.jpg

9. Patagonia Chile - Argentina

February and March 2020

View the video of flying over Torres Del Paine National Park Patagonia
VisionJetTravel on YouTube

10. Brazil to USA

March 2020 - read the story

YouTube videos

Vision Jet SF50 Flying over the Pyramids - Egypt
Vision Jet Travel

Vision Jet SF50 Flying over the Pyramids - Egypt

In this video we have travelled from Cyprus to Hurghada on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt. Drove to Luxor, which is an experience in utter dare devil madness and explored the many temples. After spending a few weeks in this paradise we flew to Cairo, visiting the Pyramids, museum, Alexandria, Valley of the Kings, old city and markets. Then into Aswan staying at the Old Cataract Hotel (ex King Farouk Palace and where Agatha Christie wrote Death on the Nile). The Nubian village and the great dam with the most impressive agricultural project will be the great leap forward for Sudan and Egypt. We took a driver to Abu Simbel, 250 km from Aswan. We jumped back in the Vision Jet and headed back to Hurghada then to Cairo again, getting a beautiful clear day with minimal smog. As we crossed the Red Sea coast line to head to Cairo with the Suez Canal on our right we lost all our GPS systems. Talking to ATC they gave us headings and we asked for a possible fly above the Pyramids? Their response was to provide the heading to guide us directly to the great Pyramid, giving us the freedom to spend as long as we wanted rotating around this amazing site. We are truly blessed and we share the footage of such an amazing experience so others can also enjoy with us. Flying in Egypt is very easy thanks to the assistance of our Handler - Honey from World Operations. The last pictures of Ahmed our driver and friend for many years and his daughter Doaa, as our guide. Thanks to Doaa we learned so much more about Egypt and thanks to Ahmed we survived on those crazy roads! Visit our website:
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