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Completion of the RTW (Round the World)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

We have now arrived back at the Cirrus Training, Delivery and Servicing centre in Knoxville Tennessee to put our baby into annual maintenance and a well deserved spa treatment as this capable, versatile, robust bird has delivered us safely back to our starting point. This qualifies us for the RTW "Earthrounders" honour list. Amir being the first amateur pilot to complete both a short route around the world and the long route. He did all the hard work, sourcing and negotiating with probably thousands of contacts to achieve permits, clearances, flight operation support if needed, FBO and handling services. We travelled together side by side for 2 years through this big wonderful world, gathering many new friends and catching up with old friends. Thank you to all those wonderful people who embraced us and assisted us in this crazy adventure. It was always our saying when we meet new people we tell them- beware we are going to come and visit you in your hometown - and we do!

Our Long Route includes our South American route -

Knoxville TN, Florida, Belize, Panama, Equador, Peru, Chile, Ushuaia (first single engine Jet to land in Ushuaia) Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts, Bahamas, USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Europe-Norway, Finland, Austria, The Netherrands, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Georgia, Moldova, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Russia (From St Petersburg in the West through the Trans Siberian Route to Vladivostok in the East- continue on to southern point of Island Sakhalin, Kamchatka and exit point of Anadyr) The first single engine Jet to cross the entire Russian Federation. Entering back to the USA at Anchorage Alaska, Canada, back to Knoxville TN. Accomplished during a world pandemic

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean - North. Crossing the Pacific Ocean - North, Crossing the Equator twice, flying both southern hemisphere and Northern hemisphere flying over 50,000 miles or 80,000 km and having a lot of fun. We took the Vision Jet to places in the World where they were astonished to see such a unique aircraft- here are the most common comments we received:

”What kind of aircraft is that?”

”Does that go as fast as the real Jets?”

”WOW that’s a sexy Jet!”

”You’re flying THAT around the World?”

”This is the first time we have seen this type of plane here!”

”Can I take a photo of the plane? Can I take a selfie with your plane?”

”OH WOW this plane is so cool!”

“OH WOW it is much bigger inside than it looks!”

The Vision Jet was a superstar all around the world!

The Vision parked at Anchorage FBO

All the stories of the Russian crossing are now up on the website: Flights Logs - Russia

The link to the honour list on Earthrounders:

What’s next? Some more travelling of course… Amir tells me he is just getting started 🤷‍♀️!

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