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N16AT SOLD - Hello! N478CV

It was a very sad and also happy day to put our baby on the market and sell her. She has been a great companion in our adventures and has delivered us throughout the world in comfort and safety. It was always our plan to keep her for 3 years and sell her however it was well beyond our greatest dreams that she took us to many more places than we ever thought possible!

So, we went back to Australia with our tail between our legs in mixed emotions: 1. That we have accomplished an impossible task of flying around the world during a world pandemic.

2. How to go back to Australia and pickup our old lives?

It didn't take us long before we realized that we were not yet at the stage in our lives to settle down to just one place and with our good health and the need to keep rolling around this big wonderful world, we decided to dip our toes back into the market to buy another Vision Jet!

Long story short - we have a new G2 plus!

Here we go again😂

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