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How we tackled flying around the world

Updated: Feb 27

We have just been to the annual Vision Jet converge held by Cirrus in Tucson Arizona. The event has the fleet of Vision Jets with Owners and companions flying in to KTUS from all around the country on the same day and landing and parking all together on the ramp. A military training site for F16 and other aircraft we needed to land in conjunction with the active Jets who are conducting missed approaches and takeoffs. It was a very busy airway along with the sky and the ramp filling up with Vision Jets. There was a lot of chatter to ATC from other airlines and pilots, asking:..."Is something happening with all the Vision Jets... They are everywhere!" And right they were! The ramp kept filling up with Vision Jets of multiple colours and customised decals; an incredible site.

We loved meeting up with everyone and were asked constantly about our trip from those interested in adventuring out themselves. It was a good opportunity for me to do the partner in command course where I really learnt a lot and recommend highly to give the right seated non pilot partners a lot of confidence in both the plane and the pilot.

A lot of pilots wanted to know how to go about flying overseas and as requested here is a link to some information on how to start doing some more international travel.

Flying around the World
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