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Venice Italy

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

LMML Malta to LIPZ Venice Italy

Distance 586NM - date 26/2/21

Handler Venice: Venice General Aviation

Never would we have imagined getting such beautiful weather and empty streets in an ancient city that is possibly the busiest tourist destination in the world, however that was exactly the case. The operation through the airport to the waiting water taxi was flawless thanks to Venice General Aviation FBO. No requirement for passport control as we have been in the EU and Schengan for over a month, just a temperature check and off we sped through the water passage directly to our apartment on the sea front of San Marco. In normal times the rent for this 300sqm luxurious apartment would be double to triple what we paid but these are not normal times and it is purely our pleasure to walk around this maze of streets and canals free of tourists so much so that San Marco square is near empty, only one cafe/restaurant operating.

We caught a ferry to the island Murano to see if we could find the studio of Walter Furlan the artist of our Picasso girl piece and as we wander through the indicated vicinity of where Google tells us we should find the studio we accidentally stumble upon Vetreria Venier art studios and find his works which is now continued on by his son Mario. We meet the owners and are given a display by the artist of one of the best chandeliers I have ever seen.

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