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Georgia - another country to fall in love with..

8 June 21

TLV Israel to Batumi Georgia


790nm - 3hr

Handler: Fattal FBO TLV

The plane has been parked for a few months and it is absolutely filthy, except for where the cover protects the top and windows, that is fairly clean but it is a sorry site to see her in such a state. The logistics involved with having a wash was an impossible task not to mention the cost!

Standard TLV procedure E1 DAFNA departure out of Ben Gurion straight to 3000 feet, a few turns then direct to DESPO, in general terms we take off heading straight towards the Mediterranean, turn right to fly along the coast of Israel until the sight of land disappears in the haze of distance and altitude.

Haifa and Mount Hermon are the last notable land marks we see after being in Israel for 2 months.

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