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Happy travels

Well we have been to a lot of wonderful places in the past few weeks, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota visiting Yellowstone National Park was a particular highlight and I feel one of the most diverse and interesting parks in the world. The Rocky Mountain range of Wyoming and Montana was so beautiful and Mount Rushmore a humbling feeling to gaze up at such great American ingenuity and pride. All along the way we met wonderful interesting people also travelling throughout the US just trying to make the best of difficult times. Parents travelling with children teaching them about nature and the history of the US. Travelling through Wild West Country learning about the stories of Wild Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok and the Native Indians, conflicts and conciliations, the museums, monuments and memorabilia in the old towns are all that is left for us to learn from these legendary people and what they achieved. We have had a great time talking to all the great people in these places and learning about their lives in the present times. We now are back in our favourite state of Tennessee getting N16AT ready for the next chapter crossing through to the rest of the world!

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