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Russia- 10,000km travelled and 4000 to go!

Updated: Feb 27

There is no doubt that crossing Russia is a mega task. We are currently in on the Island of Sakhalin just North of Japan but still in Russia. Entering Russia in Pskov then to:

St Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Abakan, Ulan Ude, Chita, Blagoveshchensk (that is a mouthful), Vladivostok and currently on this little remote Island between the Sea of Japan and Okhotsk. My geography skills have definitely improved this trip! In Siberia and Vladivostok we saw that our routing pretty much follows the Trans Siberian Rail route. Our flights have not been perfect as we have encountered very bad weather on the west side of Russia and that coupled with some problems with the static ports on the plane that have led to some interesting flights. I am posting all the flight logs on the website - Leg by Leg with some pictures - here is the link to the website page that you will find all the stories starting with the first Leg: Poznan, Poland to Pskov airport, Russia

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